Written by Bryn Joslin

What Does It Mean To Be 'Built For Google'?

Published 19 March 2020

One of our most common phrases at WebWorks design is making sure our websites are 'built for Google'. This means that from the ground up your site is designed to rank highly on Google and on other search engines. This is commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

Why is this important?

The better a site ranks on sites like the Google the higher they are placed on the list when people make relevant searches. Considering most people rarely go further than the first page, ranking high is important. It increases the number of potentials customers that will discover you and get connected with what you do.

And the technical ability to rank highly is becoming greater each year. Once upon a time, it was enough to just know a little about SEO and implement that. Because very few people knew anything, even that little would put you ahead of your competition.

But now it is 2018, and anyone who takes their online presence seriously will have SEO work done. As more and more people start using these tools to increase their ranking it takes higher levels of complexity and ability to rank higher than the competition.

What makes a site ‘Built for Google’?

There are various things that are involved in SEO. Many of them involve the content of the site. Is it well written? Does it include the kind of words that people are going to be searching?

But then there the areas that are specific to the website and how it’s structured. It’s these ones we are going to look at.


People prefer fast websites. Many of us have had that experience where we’ve waited for a page to load and have ultimately given up because it has taken too long.

Even if a site loads its pages in time people tend to spend less time on sites that are slower because time is precious. Alternatively, sites where the pages load almost instantaneously allow people to explore your whole website with very little time spent waiting.

Search engines like Google know this. They don’t want to recommend people sites that are slow, so they will purposely rank faster websites higher.

At WebWorks we have built a server architecture that allows our sites to load incredibly fast. This on top of the optimisation we do on each page means that your site will load faster than most, if not all, of your competition.

Mobile responsiveness

So far in 2018 over 52% of all website traffic was generated through mobile devices and that is likely to continue to increase. As more and more of the world experiences the internet through their phones it becomes more and more important for websites to work well on phone.

Our websites are designed to look good on any device; whether that is a widescreen monitor, your old iPhone 5 or anything in between.

Relevant content and meta tags

We've mentioned elsewhere on our site that content is king, but it is perhaps more accurate to say relevant content is king. This is content that is relevant to you and your business, and to what people are searching. Google's role is to provide high-quality content that answers the questions its users are asking. The first step is to produce high-quality content that is relevant to you.

Once you have your content the next step is to show to Google that this content is relevant to other people. This is done through meta tags and descriptions. These meta tags are often keywords that tell Google what this content is about. The key here is to pick specific words and terms that people will be searching so that Google puts your content and website in front of people interested in what you do. Here at Webworks, we make sure that your content has the best meta tags and descriptions it can have to rank well in Google.

These are just a few of the things we do to make sure all our websites are 'Built for Google'. If you looking to have a new website made, or want an old website ranking better in Google get in contact with us and we'll talk you through what we can do for you and your business. 

We would love to help you work on improving your web presence

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