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Custom Website Development.

WebWorks: Curators Of Code

Nothing Is Standard, As Standard.

Every website is unique, we create a completely custom website for each project which is tailored to the specific requirements of the project. You won’t find reused themes and copy-and-paste elements in a WebWorks project. To create an idea, brand, or story, in web format we need to have a brilliant grasp of web technologies. Fortunately, we do.

Extend The Power Of The Platform.

WebWorks has a background in software development, and we’re able to translate these skills in problem solving and programming, to custom website development. We’re very well experienced with a range of web languages, both front and back end, which allows us to take on projects of great complexity. We understand the inner workings of our chosen foundational platforms very well, which allows us to extend functionality beyond what is readily available.

Something completely different.

Occasionally a client has a requirement to build something that is completely beyond the scope of any existing platform. With our background in software development, we are no strangers to “from-scratch” projects. Beginning a completely new project with no existing open-source code can be a long process, but the results are astounding.

Examples of Custom Development

Platform Modules

We build custom modules and plugins for WordPress & Joomla, extending the core functionality of the platform, whilst utilising the built in components. Use cases for this type of functionality includes extending core platform user management features into a bespoke e-learning platform.

Javascript Modules

WebWorks builds completely custom and standalone tools using the javascript programming language to help visitors on their journey. This often take the shape of a customised quoting tool that visitors can fill in, and be provided with a price.

Third Party Integration

We are often asked to bridge a gap between a website and another system. We can work with system APIs to bring functionality onto a website, or send data backwards and forwards between multiple systems. An example of this is to create a contact form that sends data securely to an existing CRM.

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