Our Response To COVID19

To our clients, partners, & friends,

We feel it is necessary to take the time to let you know how we're responding to the global COVID19 situation. We'd like to focus on 3 areas of effect: us as a company; you as our clients and partners; and our ongoing services.

COVID19 Effect On WebWorks

WebWorks is a small team of talented individuals working out of an office in the East Midlands, UK, as such we have a duty to comply with the advice and law issued by our government. We are committed to the safety of our team, and we also feel a sense of duty to do our part for the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus, as part of the national effort, and structure our practise accordingly. As such we have begun an initiative which instructs our team to work from home until we hear further advice from the government.

We have sent our team home with the relevant equipment, keyboards, mice, monitors, etc, to ensure a happy home working environment.

COVID19 Effect On You

We believe the current situation in which we find ourselves presents an incredible opportunity. At WebWorks, we do not buy into scare mongering and hysteria (our loo role supply remains at the year-round average that serves us through any other time). Instead, we believe that every season presents an opportunity to see good come from bad. At this time, businesses and the business community faces challenges the likes of which it has not seen before - in our life time anyway.

Sadly, some businesses are finding it difficult to persevere through this, and may continue to do so. However, at WebWorks we are looking to help our clients and other businesses not only survive this season - but thrive. Businesses will look different, but as people of business; entrepreneurs; early adopters; pioneers; it is our time to improvise, adapt, and overcome. Small businesses are the backbone of our great country, as people that run those businesses we have a responsibility.

Society turns to the internet now, more than ever. We look for connection, social interaction in this time of physical isolation, and commerce. The Coronavirus pandemic is temporary, but solutions are required to help society come out of the other side of this alive and thriving. WebWorks is committed to being part of that solution.

Now is the time to streamline our businesses, ensure they are ready and equipped to serve a society online. We are here to help with that effort; a great online presence and the ability to serve our clients through the internet is the key to business survival at this time.

COVID19 Effect On Ongoing Services

WebWorks is ready to continue to offer the great level of service that our clients have come to expect - we'll just do it from a couch rather than our office.


  • Our development sprints will continue as normal;
  • Our servers will remain operational and maintained by our exceptionally talented server people
  • Our designs will continue to inspire and attract, from our creative designers
  • Our projects will continue to be well managed and on time, by our super friendly project managers

Please look after yourselves in this time. We're not going anywhere; we're here when you need us.

Dom & Dave,

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