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WebWorks Supercharge is our website care & development solution.
Website launch day is not the end journey, it's just the beginning!

Supercharge is billed monthly, as such, all prices are per month and are exclusive of VAT.

We've put this solution together especially for {{company-name}}

0. Website Infrastructure

Infrastructure Management is the foundational building block of WebWorks' care & development solution. So much more than simple web hosting; we proactively maintain and develop your website.

1. Collect Data

We begin by analysing data from key search engines to assess domain authority, local listing data, backlink profiles, as well as website health vitals.

2. Evaluate Strategy

We then turn the collected data into useful information. We identify areas of growth; origins of growth; areas of stagnation; and determine effective areas of the existing strategy.

3. Adapt Strategy

Once we've evaluated our current position, we can work towards adapting and tweaking the current strategy to optimise for growth. We may engage in new avenues, as well as strengthen current avenues.

4. Outwork Strategy

Once we've identified tweaks, changes, and new pathways for our development strategy, we next need to implement the strategy into the website.

Collect Data

Evaluate Strategy

Adapt Strategy

Outwork Strategy

Website Infrastructure


WebWorks doesn't merely host websites, we actively develop and maintain your website's health and vitality on our custom-developed server architecture.

We're not only interested in your website being accessible online but also in how well it performs against your competitors.

Part 0: Website Infrastructure

Infrastructure Management

Your website deserves better than that.

Infrastructure Management ensures the continued service of your website on the internet. It is the basic requirement for any WebWorks website.

Feature WebWorks Infrastrcuture Management Traditional Webhosting
Website On The Internet
Managed Server Resourcing & Server Utilisation
CDN Maintainance For Large Files & Media
Continuous Domain Renewal
Managed DNS
Managed SSL Certificates
Daily Website Backups (Kept for 2 weeks)
Weekly Website Backups (Kept for 2 months)
Monthly Website Backups (Kept for 6 months)
Recovery & Emergency Fix
Emergency Backup Recovery
Fix In Case Of Client Misconfiguration
Fix In Case Of Malicious Attack
Active Website Management
Core Software Agency Licensing*
Proactive Uptime Monitoring
Continuous Safe Platform Updates
Update Health & Service Monitoring
Google Tag Manager Administration
Up To 1 Hour Of Development Time Per Month
* Core Software Agency Licensing includes core software licenses only, and does not include custom plugins and extensions purchased explicitly for your website to achieve specific functionality.


Infrastructure Management is absolutely essential for {{company-name-short}}.
We offer adaptive pricing if we take care of multiple websites for you.
Part 1: Collect Data

Management Information Reporting

We need to understand
what's going on.

Data collection is a vital component for continued audience growth and development; ensuring we’re attracting the right people to your website, and optimising the site for maximum conversion. WebWorks uses a range of performance monitoring tools to properly observe and record the site’s performance, which allows us to monitor the impact of development and strategy.

Management Information Reporting is absolutely necessary to give us the information required to develop an ongoing strategy.

We’ll produce a monthly report that includes:

  • Website Health Check

  • Mobile & Desktop Speed Performance

  • Time To Interactivity Across Platforms

  • Security Reporting

  • Best Practise Estimate For SEO & Accessibility

  • Active User & Session Measurement

  • Visitor Sources Over Time

  • Engagement Rate By Source

  • Conversion Rate By Source

  • Search Engine Position Ranking Quantity

  • Branded Search Term Position Ranking

  • Non-Branded Search Term Position Ranking


We recommend Management Information Reporting for {{company-name-short}}

Oli Utton

"How do we know that what we're doing is working? We collect as much data as we can about website health, speed, traffic, and visitor behaviour. Information is power!"

Dom OC

"Information is a wonderful thing, but it's much better when it's analysed, understood, and explained by someone that knows what they're talking about. You're a business owner, it's not your job to understand the depths of website analysis - it's ours."

Part 2: Evaluate Strategy

Analysed Reporting

The data is great. 
Information is better.

Analysed Reporting builds on the Management Information Reporting, but goes much further. We’ll take a deeper and more detailed analysis of your website, with a specific focus on our SEO strategy. The specific metrics and data gathered will depend on the website and contents, but includes such things as: keyword analysis of specific pages and blog articles; competitor analysis; and market segment investigation. Analysed Reporting is about using the data gathered from Management Information Reporting, adding to it, and turning it into consumable information that we can act upon. 

As part of Analysed Reporting, we’ll feedback to your management and/or marketing personnel to give a clear picture of the website’s performance, in comparison with historical data, and competitor analysis.

Analysed Reporting consultancy time may be spent either compiling and interpreting the gathered data, or in feedback meetings with your team.

Analysed Reporting time can be purchased in blocks of 1 hour, and is specific to a single website. If we manage multiple websites for you, we’ll need to handle each individually.

£100 for one hour

Please note that Management Information Reporting is required for Analysed reporting, as it builds upon the data collected.
We recommend per month of Analysed Reporting for {{company-name-short}}, totalling .
Part 3: Adapt Strategy

Strategic Consultancy

Let's make all that information
work for us.

Using information gathered from Management Information Reporoting, and further built upon by Analysed Reporting, we’re in a position to create or adapt a strategy for increased traffic and conversion. Websites with differing audiences, in different industries, and with different competition will require different strategies. Ultimately Strategic Consultancy is about optimisation. we're not attempting to “trick” the search engines into ranking your website higher - that doesn’t work anymore. Search engines work like match-makers; matching visitors to providers. We need to tell search engines, not only what we offer, but to whom.

Additionally, Search Engine Optimisation is only one component of a successful search. When a visitor lands on the website, from whatever search, we need to guide them through a journey that ultimately results in our desired conversion strategy. Having many visitors directed to your website is useless if they’re clicking the back button straight away. Therefore, Strategic Consultancy is not only concerned with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but also Visitor Journey Optimisation (VJO). We use the data gathered to iteratively determine the best approach for website journey. The result of Strategic Consultancy is a summarised report of what we need to do next to improve both SEO and VJO.

Strategic Consultancy time can be purchased in blocks of 1 hour and is specific to a single website. If we manage multiple websites for you, we’ll need to handle each individually.

£100 for one hour

Please note that Management Information Reporting and Analysed Reporting are required for Strategic Consultancy, as it builds upon the data collected.
We recommend per month of Strategic Consultancy for {{company-name-short}}, totalling .

Dave Southey

We've got all the data, turned it into information, and now it's time to do something useful with it. Our analysed information now informs our strategy. SEO & development strategy depends on market segment, competition, data that we've collected, and more.

It's big brain time!"

Bryn Joslin

"Websites are not set-and-forget; they require constant care, attention, and development to keep search engines ranking and visitors flowing. Active development is crucial to keep your website feeling alive!"

Part 4: Outwork Strategy

Website Development

Where we are is awesome.
Let's go further.

Website Development provides dedicated development time for the continued progression of your website. A website that is not consistently updated is a website that needs replacing every few years. We prefer to build long-lasting websites, which requires continuous development.

We can use this time to develop new features, pages, blogs, or media. If we’re engaging in active Strategic Constultancy with your, we can use this time to ourwork the strategy that has been agreed.

Website development is available in chunks of half days (3.5 hours). We can get a lot done in this time. We manage update and change requests using a request system so that you can see the progress of the development that you’ve requested. 

Website development time can be purchased in contract at a discounted rate, as well as applied in an ad-hoc manner for bursts of development. Development time may be split across multiple websites managed by WebWorks for a single client.

£200 for half a day (in contract)

£225 for a half day (ad-hoc)
We recommend per month of Website Development for {{company-name-short}}, totalling .
A little something extra...


Content is key.
Let's get it right.

We recognise that writing content for pages and blogs is extremely time consuming, and a skilled job when considering the impact on SEO. WebWorks offers a copywriting service, whereby we will write your content for you. 

We can write content for pages and blogs to reduce administrative load for your team, whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and SEO value. We can write content about most things, and do so inline with the results of our Strategic Analysis. 

Keep in mind, however, that if you operate in a very niche industry, particularly with advanced technical nuances, we might not be able to help.


500 - 799 Words


800 - 1,199 Words


1,200 - 1,600 Words

We recommend words of content copywriting for {{company-name-short}} per month, totalling .


Writing content is time-consuming and tricky, particularly when we're considering optimising our content for search engines.

Maybe we can take some of that load off you?

Build Your Supercharge Solution

Your Solution
Infrastructure Management


Management Information Reporting


Analysed Reporting Hours


Strategic Consultancy Hours


Web Development (Half Days)


Content Copywriting (500 - 799 Words)


£780 per month

Ellie Pillar

"We prefer to avoid locking people into insufferable contracts. Website strategy is a long-term partnership where we continuously help you to tell your story."

Supercharge Contractual Agreements

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts. However, the nature of Supercharge is an ongoing relationship between partners. When we engage in a Supercharge agreement, we become deeply invested in your website. Our success is based entirely on your success. Supercharge is also a long-term agreement, our recommendations take time to implement, and even longer to reveal their results. For this reason, we implement a minimum Supercharge contract length of 6 months. 

If you wish to conclude your Supercharge agreement with us, we’ll begin a 3 month “winding down” protocol. This gives us enough time to settle existing development and strategy execution, as well as prepare your website for the next stage of its journey. You’ll need to give 3 months notice before your final Supercharge month, with the earliest opportunity being 3 months after the agreement begins - leaving a 3 month wind down period, and a total minimum contract length of 6 months.