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Site Optimisation

We create beautiful online experiences

We Build Well Optimised Websites

We create beautiful online experiences

When optimising a website for initial deployment and beyond we use the highest standard in Google PageSpeed Insights. PageSpeed Insights holds websites to an incredibly high level of accountability, scoring websites on its optimisation with a value from 0-100. We aim for greater than 90% to ensure great visitor experience and search engine exposure.

These are some areas that we look at:

Image Optimisation

Images make the site. However, images can be big in file size which delays the loading of a website on poorer internet connections such as ADSL and mobile connections. We compress all site images up to the point where quality begins to become compromised. Physical size is also key here, we optimise the physical size of images to suit the placement on the website. It is also important to identify the best file format for each image, and utilise next generation image formats like webp.

Code Minification

Front end code such as javascript and CSS help to create the perfect website in both style and functionality. From the basics in custom branding through to custom javascript applications, these front end languages are incredibly important for a modern website. Just like images, however, files of this type can quickly swell, which is why we minify client-side code to reduce the transfer time as much as possible.

Clutter Removal

In the process of building a website there can often be a variety of plugins, modules, styling and javascript added that don’t make it to the final version used for initial deployment. These unused additions are not harmless though; they add bulk to the website, both in processing time on the servers, and transfer time to the visitor. Some developers may simply ignore these unused components, but we know they have an effect on visitor experience, so we will always declutter a website before initial deployment.

Minimised Transfer

As well as reducing file size, we can go one step further in increasing file transfer speeds between the server and the visitor’s browser. There are many tools that we utilise for this, including use of caching and pre-processing requests; highly available content delivery networks; file transfer through compression; and many more tricks. Our aim is to reduce strain on both server and browser to create a delightful browsing experience.

Website Security

Website security is a big deal for prospective web endeavours. Visitors need to know that their browsing is secure and not available to potential malicious attacks. Web security is even more important when we introduce forms that collect personal, financial, or banking information. We optimise web security from the server-side and the client-side, ensuring server resilience, website instance integrity, and secure communication between server and browser.

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