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After spending countless hours designing and developing a website that reflects who you are and how you can help your prospective customers, we need to make sure that search engines can find you, and recommend you to the people who are searching. It’s the mission of the humble search engine to interpret what a searcher is searching for and then develiver the best results. It’s our job as your website developers to ensure that search engines know about your website, can understand it, and recommend it to the relevant people.

Our SEO Process

SEO Ground Work

Search engine optimisation begins in the design phase, when we meticulously design the visitor journey through the website. We identify what prospective visitors are looking for and design a website structure around it. We then use this skeleton structure as an SEO blueprint for the continuation of the development process.

Preflight Check

Before initial deployment, as part of our WebWorks Preflight Checklist, we’ll inspect our work and check against our original SEO blueprint. This is where we check to ensure the necessary elements are in place to put your website on the map.

Continuous Monitoring

Optimising a website to continually ensure a great balance between visitor experience and search engine exposure is an ongoing endeavor. We continuously monitor statistics for websites including bounce rate, visitor stay time, visitor journey, and CTA engagement. We then use this data to iteratively improve site structure, site flow, SEO elements, and make content change recommendations for improved search engine visibility.

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