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Analysed Reporting

Information is a wonderful thing, but it's much better when it's analysed, understood, and explained by someone that knows what they're talking about. You're a business owner, it's not your job to understand the depths of website analysis - it's ours.

The data is great.
Information is better.

Analysed Reporting builds on the Management Information Reporting, but goes much further. We’ll take a deeper and more detailed analysis of your website, with a specific focus on our SEO strategy. The specific metrics and data gathered will depend on the website and contents, but includes such things as: keyword analysis of specific pages and blog articles; competitor analysis; and market segment investigation.

Analysed Reporting is about using the data gathered from Management Information Reporting, adding to it, and turning it into consumable information that we can act upon. 

As part of Analysed Reporting, we’ll feedback to your management and/or marketing personnel to give a clear picture of the website’s performance, in comparison with historical data, and competitor analysis.

Analysed Reporting consultancy time may be spent either compiling and interpreting the gathered data, or in feedback meetings with your team.

Analysed Reporting time can be purchased in blocks of 1 hour, and is specific to a single website. If we manage multiple websites for you, we’ll need to handle each individually.

What next

We have the data, and now it's been communicated and analysed in a way that's helpful. Now's the time to actually start making use of that data. You need a strategy, and we're here to help.