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Strategic Consultancy

We've got all the data, turned it into information, and now it's time to do something useful with it. Our analysed information now informs our strategy. SEO & development strategy depends on market segment, competition, data that we've collected, and more.

It's big brain time!

Let's make all that information
work for us.

Using information gathered from Management Information Reporoting, and further built upon by Analysed Reporting, we’re in a position to create or adapt a strategy for increased traffic and conversion. Websites with differing audiences, in different industries, and with different competition will require different strategies. Ultimately Strategic Consultancy is about optimisation. we're not attempting to “trick” the search engines into ranking your website higher - that doesn’t work anymore. Search engines work like match-makers; matching visitors to providers. We need to tell search engines, not only what we offer, but to whom.

Additionally, Search Engine Optimisation is only one component of a successful search. When a visitor lands on the website, from whatever search, we need to guide them through a journey that ultimately results in our desired conversion strategy. Having many visitors directed to your website is useless if they’re clicking the back button straight away. Therefore, Strategic Consultancy is not only concerned with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but also Visitor Journey Optimisation (VJO). We use the data gathered to iteratively determine the best approach for website journey. The result of Strategic Consultancy is a summarised report of what we need to do next to improve both SEO and VJO.

Strategic Consultancy time can be purchased in blocks of 1 hour and is specific to a single website. If we manage multiple websites for you, we’ll need to handle each individually.

What next

We've gathered the data, analysed, and now we've put together a strategy so see your website grow and work for you. But you didn't think we'd just leave you to it, did you? This where we really get our hands dirty and make the plan a reality.