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Infrastructure Management

WebWorks doesn't merely host websites, we actively develop and maintain your website's health and vitality on our custom-developed server architecture.

We're not only interested in your website being accessible online but also in how well it performs against your competitors.

We've put this solution together especially for {{company-name}}

Your site is developed but what's next? Webhosting?
Your website deserves better than that.

Infrastructure Management ensures the continued service of your website on the internet. It is the basic requirement for any WebWorks website.

Feature WebWorks Infrastrcuture Management Traditional Webhosting
Website On The Internet
Managed Server Resourcing & Server Utilisation
CDN Maintainance For Large Files & Media
Continuous Domain Renewal
Managed DNS
Managed SSL Certificates
Daily Website Backups (Kept for 2 weeks)
Weekly Website Backups (Kept for 2 months)
Monthly Website Backups (Kept for 6 months)
Recovery & Emergency Fix
Emergency Backup Recovery
Fix In Case Of Client Misconfiguration
Fix In Case Of Malicious Attack
Active Website Management
Core Software Agency Licensing*
Proactive Uptime Monitoring
Continuous Safe Platform Updates
Update Health & Service Monitoring
Google Tag Manager Administration
Up To 1 Hour Of Development Time Per Month
* Core Software Agency Licensing includes core software licenses only, and does not include custom plugins and extensions purchased explicitly for your website to achieve specific functionality.
We offer adaptive pricing if we take care of multiple websites for you.