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Site Architecture

Solid, stable website hosting architecture

We’ve spent years test driving web hosting providers; from the implausibly cheap, to the eye wateringly expensive, and we’ve been consistently disappointed. We have built our own platform, fine tuned to ensure secure and fast website delivery.


Our website delivery architecture is built on the largest network of datacenters in the world, Amazon Web Services. AWS have datacentres all across the world meaning that you’re never too far away from a data site. The global network allows us to take advantage of availability zones, increasing redundancy.


Servers are not created equal - and nor should they be. Differing configurations of hardware specifications like RAM, processor speed, core count, and more are suited to different types of operation. We create different hardware configurations for different tasks, for example a database servers has a different requirement to a PHP server. Our architecture distributes component parts of a website on the relevant hardware.


Sitting atop our hardware configuration is our software infrastructure. Software is specific to the requirement, and we roll different software configurations for what is required. For compatibility we build most of our core network with cPanel ontop of Litespeed.


Physical and network security are essential to our work. We’re fully confident in AWS’ ability to physically protect their datacentres, and so we focus on network security. Our infrastructure involves network layers of VPC, which means servers holding databases are not accessible directly to the internet. All our websites are equipped with 256 bit encryption via SSL.


We aim to ensure no single point of failure for any part of our infrastructure. This makes sites redundant against physical problems as well as malicious threats. Redundancy is no cheap business, but we can scale our hosting architecture to mitigate against any potential vulnerability.


Our entire infrastructure is fully managed by the team here at WebWorks. Whilst we rent physical server hardware from AWS, our network design and management stops with us. This gives us unlimited control and authority over hardware and software management, including scheduling in planned down time for kernel updates.

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