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The Perfect Platform

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Developing a website, after initial design and structure is in place, begins with choosing the right platform. Not all platforms are created equal, and each option lends itself to particular specialities. We will recommend a platform based on current aims, as well as future potential development scope, and a number of other factors. WordPress is a great option for some projects, for others Joomla fits the bill, for some Magento, and for still others a custom framework may be required.

Considerations for platform foundations

We will consider what the website aims to do;

Are we selling a product directly?
If so, how many products?
What is the method of payment?
How many people are making changes to the website?
How simple does it need to make changes?
Are editors “tech-savy”?
Do we need to integrate with any third party plugins?
Does the website require custom modules and plugins?

Choosing the right CMS platform

The WebWorks team has a great wealth of experience with a range of different platforms. Our favourites, however, are Joomla and Wordpress. Both of these platforms give us excellent levels of flexibility and speed, whilst offering simple editing, and brilliant developer environments.

Custom Website Development

At WebWorks, we’re not all just about pretty websites - although we are great at that - we are a team of seasoned website development professionals with the ability to take any idea and develop a custom solution where necessary. For some things there simply isn’t a plugin available, in those cases we’ll build one. For more details about some of our custom work, take a look here

Genuine expert help is very difficult to find, however, the changes and adaptations made by Dave and his team were not only incredibly effective but completed in an extremely timely and professional manner. Communication is unbelievably prompt, calls are by return and deadlines hit every time.

Without question these are now my go-to people for all web related matters and increasingly beyond.

Adrian Simpson, All Speeches Great And Small

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